Endless AB selects investment opportunities in renewable energies in Brazil.

♦ We have a wide network of committed project developers.

♦ We offer knowledge in energy due diligence and project finance.

♦ We support the projects through all phases.

♦ We provide market and regulatory expertise.


The Climate Finance Lab was developed in 2014 by the UK, U.S. and Germany in partnership with major development finance institutions, key private sector actors, and several climate finance donor governments. The Global Lab was created to identify and develop innovative financial instruments that could drive private finance for climate mitigation and adaptation in development countries.

Endless AB proposed a Distributed Energy for Social Housing Fund (DESH) and has been selected as one of three ideas to be developed within the Climate Finance Lab Brasil in 2018.  Endless will pitch the outcome of the first work group stage at an investor summit in New York City in September 2018. The ideas and companies incubated by the Lab have raised over $1 billion in sustainable investment.

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The Low Carbon Business Action Brazil is a European-funded initiative that aims at engaging Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) from Brazil and the 28 EU-member states promoting the exchange of innovative experiences, supporting companies into their transition to low carbon technologies and resource efficient processes within the sectors which mostly contribute to the Brazilian emissions of greenhouse gases.

Endless AB is part of the LCBA network and was selected to participate in the Renewable Energy Mission in Fortaleza, CE, Brazil in October 2017. The LCBA identified business and technology potentials for SMEs in the Solar PV sector and connected Endless to valuable partners. Currently, Endless is taking part in the LCBA Phase II and has been granted about €100,000 to support projects with their Brazilian counterparts.

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Mission & Vision


To catalyze the transition towards a distributed energy economy by offering commercial scale renewable energy projects as investment opportunities to a wide spectrum of investors.


To make distributed energy projects a mainstream investment option.


Reliable Technology

Modern solar PV systems are robust and require low maintenance. While major manufacturers offer on average a 25 year guarantee, these systems can have a life span of up to 40 years.

Green Portfolio

The CO2 impact of solar systems can be certified and therefore serve to compensate other activities, as well as provide consistent green marketing.

Interesting IRR

Endless AB offers projects with interesting returns, allowing leverage for investors with access to debt.

Beneficial Legislation

The Normative Resolution 687 which came into force in March 2016 is an important milestone in the Brazilian energy market. The resolution regulates the distributed energy sector (from 75 kWp to 5 MWp), gives the legal base for the net-metering scheme and provides legal security to the investor.

Marketable Assets

Operating solar energy systems and power purchase agreements can be partially or fully sold to other investors, allowing investment surplus or faster return over investment.

Long-term Foreseeable Returns

Endless AB offers long term solar rental agreement contracts in the Brazilian market with stable and foreseeable returns for all parties.


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